What do you use it for?

This is the general purpose notes function. You can use it to store practically any piece of information, in any way you want, that you’d otherwise lose track of. All too many times have I wished I’ve kept that one piece of information that I just cannot recall at the point when I most needed it.

Information like monthly finances, passwords, interesting websites, list of To Dos, list of my favourite books, a list of movies to watch, blog entries, the list goes on.


  • Like Calendar, there is no save button. Any changes will be detected and updated automatically when you click on another node, or exit otak.
  • Right-clicking on the Thoughts node will bring up a context menu, allowing you to Add a new node, Rename a node or Delete a node.
  • Sorting within a child node (not from the main Thoughts master node) can be achieved by setting the Preferences.
  • If you’ve upgraded your otak from a pre-0.9.9 version, sorting your old Thoughts by Date Added and Date Modified will not work correctly, simply because the timestamps wasn’t captured prior to your upgrade. If you view these nodes via Properties, they will be shown as ‘Prehistoric Node’.
  • Drag and Drop functionality is now active! 🙂 Rearrange your Thought nodes as easily as you organize your own thoughts. Drag and drop any node and move them anywhere within the Thoughts tree to reorganize your nodes. Very handy.

The Rough Guide to otak: