Task Master

What do you use it for?

The ultimate To Do list functionality anywhere (at least in my opinion, anyway). Task Master allows you to list your To Do’s in logical groups called Task Groups that you define. Examples of Task Groups for me would be “Important To Do”, “otak Development Tasks” and “Clients”. Within Task Groups you can further segregate your tasks into Task Lists. Examples of Task Lists that I’d define under “Clients” for instance would be “Project One To Do”, “Project Two To Do”, etc. If that seemed complicated, then looking at the screenshot should help clear things.

While there’s nothing to stop you from creating just one Task Group and having all tasks imaginable listed under one Task List (effectively behaving like Microsoft Outlook’s Tasks), you’d be missing on the sort of grouping functionality that otak’s Task Master can provide you. I like to keep my shopping list in a separate Task List from the one that lists the work I have to follow up on in the office.


  • When you first start to use the Task Master, make sure that you create your first Task Group! The new Task Group will automatically create your first Task List, after which you may start entering your tasks (Believe me, the description is miles more long-winded than it needs to be, and certainly sounds more difficult than it actually is).
  • To quickly enter a task in the currently selected task list, just right-click anywhere on the task list space and you will be presented with a simple task entry window.
  • To change the name of the Task List, simply right-click on the task list tab that you want to rename.

The Rough Guide to otak: