Internet Bookmarks Manager

What do you use it for?

Too many sites, and too many browsers! Finally, it’s the bookmark manager that behaves exactly the way I want. I use multiple browsers, both IE and Firefox, and multiply that by two for the two machines I use, my home PC and work notebook. Between them, I’ve virtually billions of bookmarks and I never seem to find the one I want anywhere. And unbelievably, I didn’t find Firefox’s bookmark management facility all that easy to use. Unbelievable because Firefox is brilliant, it’s a surprise to me that the facility wasn’t equally brilliant.

The Internet Bookmarks function enables central storing of bookmarks in an interface that I won’t trip and fall while using. Plus otak has the added advantage of being neutral – you could Import from IE Favorites and export to IE Favorites, so your bookmarks are never locked down. You’ll have to do some extra steps for Firefox, but you could export and import from Firefox too.


  • Use drag and drop to easily add bookmarks to otak. Simply drag the URL icon in both IE or Firefox and drop it into otak’s Bookmark Manager interface. Then just key in the name of the URL and it’ll be automatically added.
  • Drag and drop between URLs and Bookmark folders to easily organize your Bookmarks collection.
  • Quickly load up your link by double-clicking the URL directly from otak, and your preferred browser will automatically launch and load the link.
  • If you use IE, then Import your existing Favorites to otak for instant use. If you’re using Firefox, unfortunately my tiny brain was too lazy to decipher Mozilla’s bookmark format. So you’ll have to use Firefox to export to IE Favourites first, then use Favorites to import it to otak.
  • Oh, and when you’re done organizing your bookmarks but still want to deploy it to your actual browser, then use otak’s Bookmark Export. It will create a folder under your IE’s Favorites.

The Rough Guide to otak: