What do you use it for?

Very often I need to know when a particular task was done (When did the program changes go in? What modifications did I perform on this day? What did I have for dinner 2 nights ago?). I don’t know about you, but I forget easily tiny details like these. People have suggested that I sleep early, but I went and wrote otak instead.

Personally I use it to record what I’m supposed to do for the day. A general day in my otak calendar entry would contain my daily tasks list plus any appointments I have to attend. I also record information such as which customer I visited for the day, for mileage claims purposes. But that’s me.

You could use the calendar as described above, or, you could use it like a journal, where you record whatever it is you’ve done for the day. I’ve an otak user, for instance, who used it to record his experiences while vacationing in Italy.


  • There is no save button; the entries that you make either in Events or the Journal pane is automatically saved when you click on another day, or close otak. The exception is when you’re changing something you’ve already recorded in Events – you click on the Save button there.
  • To start using Events, you have to firstly create at least one Event under Calendar -> Maintenance -> Events. otak doesn’t recognize any events you don’t maintain already. If you attempt to Save an event called “Holidays”, for instance, that isn’t maintained, then otak will tell you that the event isn’t recognized. If you click on another day, leaving otak to autosave the entry for you, then otak will simply ignore it.
  • Double-clicking on the Month and Year label in the Calendar function (between the Next Month and Previous Month command buttons) will display a drop-down box allowing you to select the exact month and year you want to jump to, bypassing the Next and Previous Month buttons.
  • When you record Events like which customer you’ve called on each day, it’s easy to get an account of how many times you’ve visited the same customer. All you have to do is search Events for the event you’ve recorded. This is very helpful for me personally when I need to know how many days I’ve visited a particular customer in a month to calculate my travel mileage.

The Rough Guide to otak: