Rough Guide

This little fellow is supposed to be easy to use, so there isn’t any documentation as such. However, there are certain things worth pointing out, and as newer versions come out the door, more ‘little stuff’ gets implemented that help make otak easier to use.

Hop along to the FAQ if you’ve got a specific problem and it’s not covered in the Rough Guide. But, if your question is so exotic and so infrequently-asked that it doesn’t appear in the FAQ, then send along your mindboggler to me.

This guide aims to give you some tips on how to use otak effectively (hey, that’s actually quite funny – if you know what it means, that is). It’s a general guide, and it’s not meant to be exhaustive in anyway. This guide also serves as a place to highlight some functionalities that exists but may not be immediately obvious.

No, that doesn’t mean easter eggs or foreign language error messages.

To start perusing the Rough Guide, select one of the categories below: