The following are the main features of this software:

  • Calendar function – allows keying in of diary information. You can choose to key in entries by date. You can key in appointments, daily to-dos and reminders here in pure text form (and that means no alarms or other bells & whistles – pun not intended). I use it to track my time so that I know I did what on what days. Important if you’re doing company claims.
  • Thoughts function – a freeform data input mechanism stored in a tree-like hierarchy. Store information like passwords, to do lists, important dates and other bits of important information you want to keep in one place.
  • Address Book function – Address Book aims to centrally store all your contact information in one repository, freeing you from the reliance on multiple email clients and various web-based email address books.
  • Task Master function – Task Master allows you to manage multiple Task Lists or To Do Lists within otak. You may create multiple Task Lists to handle different situations, or create a be-all end-all list similar to Microsoft Outlook’s Tasks.
  • Internet Bookmarks Manager – manage your gargantuan list of bookmarks with this functionality. Drag and drop functionality with an easy to use interface make it easy to organize and just browse your collection of links. Import your existing bookmarks or export them from otak easily to both Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Password Manager – Why in the world is there a need to remember so bloody many passwords? Especially if they start insisting that they have to be a certain length, must have numbers and capitals and all sorts of stuff you can’t even pronounce. Manage them all with Password Manager, which by default obscures your passwords from being peeked at over your shoulder, but can be revealed with a push of a button. Stores a history of previous passwords too.
  • Global Search – search for whatever you’ve put in otak. If it’s in there, you can find it with this function.

Why you’d want to use this

Very simply, it’s the most important piece of software I have in my PC. It’s the first thing I run every morning and every system bootup, even before I check my email.This fellow is a result from using The Diary from Bob Dolan. I like the journaling capabilities of The Diary, but I also need a way to keep miscellaneous information in a hierarchical order (like Treepad/Netpad/InfoMagic). No software that I know of at that time gave me both, so I decided to write one for myself.

otak was first released to the general public in 2002, and it has been downloaded over 8000 times since then (as of time of writing, of course. It would be well over a couple of million now. Yeah). 8000 people (or a couple of million, depending on when you read this) can’t all be wrong (although they could all be curious).

I suppose this is my way of giving something back to the freeware community. I’ve done everything from playing games, doing my final year university project, writing turnkey solutions for clients, solving crossword puzzles, to countless other pursuits using nothing but freeware.

As an aside, I’ve been asked by many why I’m doing this when one can use Microsoft Outlook. A few reasons, but chief of which is this: I don’t like Outlook. It’s slow, the tasks and notes function seem clunky, and I don’t like the fact that contacts, tasks and calendar information are tied to my email (and that makes the .pst file really big). I want a utility that handles my daily information in a freeform calendar-based interface, with a function to allow me to put my notes in a manner that is logically grouped, and it loads FAST. A central repository for contacts and task lists is also logical, making it easy for me to place everything in a single file that can be moved from PC to PC easily.

Also of Interest…

I can guarantee that otak does not have any spyware components, and will never have them ever. I rely this piece of software daily (having written it for the pickiest user ever – me), so writing software that gives me unpleasantness wouldn’t be incredibly clever.