Targeted systems

otak is written for Windows 9x/2000/XP systems.  I’m currently using it on a Windows 7 machine, and it doesn’t seem to be giving me any problems.


I’ll get on up and say this first before someone clobbers me for not mentioning it earlier – otak is not really usable on machines with screen resolutions under 1024 x 768. If you either don’t work in this resolution (and above), or if your monitor does not support this resolution, otak wouldn’t work well for you. As much as I try, the screen resizing just doesn’t cut it. I’ll probably fix this when I upgrade the codes to VB.NET (because VB.NET can resize the stuff automatically for you). When that happens. Don’t hold your breath.


Version 1.2.1 (Executable only)
Install Note: You must already have an existing otak install. Unzip the file below, and overwrite the existing otak.exe in your otak install folder with this one. Remember to backup your Pengkalan.dat file!
Download here:
Size: 257KB

Version 1.2.0 (Full Install)
Download here:
Size: 3.20 MB

Download Note: I used to host this file in a filehosting website, but they all dropped like flies and as a result I’m hosting the file on my server directly. I would prefer not to do this for several reasons; for one, I can’t see my download stats which is, of course, required for my continued feeling of self-satisfaction. The other reason is alerts that you may get from your browser when you download the files above, like the one shown below from Chrome:


Now I cannot fault Chrome (or any other browser) on the user-centric, ominous-looking warning sign, because after all, it should warn you if you’re downloading executables over the Internet. What I can give you, however, is my word that the downloads are non-malicious, that I’m using the same executable right now on my own Windows 7 machine.

I shall leave it to you whether you should download it or not.

In the meantime, I have to find alternatives to Simtel (where have you gone???) and Winsite, which were places I used to host the files previously before they got swallowed up by the passage of time.

Running the program
If you run otak for the first time, the program will prompt that it cannot find the database file and asks if you would like to create one. Say yes, and you’re ready to go. Remember if you’d like to password protect your database, just go to Options -> Preferences to set your password.

If you’re upgrading, then install otak over the directory where you installed it the last time. It should overwrite otak with the latest version, while leaving your existing pengkalan.dat file intact. Upon running the upgraded otak for the first time, it will detect the pengkalan.dat file’s internal version, and will automatically update it as necessary. This process *should*:

  1. be painless.
  2. work.
  3. leave your existing data unchanged, while making new functionalities (like Address Book) available like magic.

If you’re paranoid and must be absolutely sure, then by all means make a copy of your pengkalan.dat file before you install the new version of otak. During the upgrade process it will make a backup for you first anyway, so you decide.

Some disclaimer: While otak is reasonably stable (I’ve been using it to record information since 2002), I will not be liable to lost data caused by bugs that I haven’t squashed yet. Please use the software at your own risk.