otakpim.com Maintenance

Hello… if you’re seeing this, please don’t fret – otakpim.com hasn’t disappeared.  I’m doing a long overdue overhauling of the site, so please bear with me for now.  I will restore everything as soon as I can.

Well, at least I’d be surprised if this takes more than a day.

To quote the Californian governor: “I’ll be back.”

4 thoughts on “otakpim.com Maintenance

  1. Thanks for your comment, and I apologize for not being able to reply earlier.

    Re Vista Ultimate – I’m not exactly sure, as I’ve not had the opportunity to get Ultimate myself. However, Microsoft has come out and said that it will support the ‘plumbing’ that otak runs on in Vista, so technically there shouldn’t be any issues. The plumbing in question is Visual Basic, which is what otak was written in.

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for this software, which looks wonderful and very richly featured. I appreciate it.

    If I had only one comment or request, it would be to let users be able to increase the font size. The font is a little small for my old eyes. 🙂

    But thank you very much.


  3. Hi,

    Last two weeks I was testing organizers, and just recently found this software, really great! It does all I need, is fast and reliable!
    If you still want to improve its usability, please add file/pictures container (all in 1 place and protected).

    Best Regards,

    Happy user 🙂

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