Another day, another update

Another day has been spent fixing up It’s amazing how the time goes by when you’re working on seemingly easy tasks.

I’ve added the ability for you to add yourself to the otak Announcements Mailing List, found in the Releases/Announcements link under Contact/Feedback. Users and the curious may now be able to add themselves to the list, and be updated when I have something to announce.

I have a couple of things yet to add:

  1. Closer integration with phpList (what I use to manage the mailing list)
  2. Tweak the website colours
  3. Do up the main page – it still feels wrong, and I will fix that soon.
  4. Add new FAQ entries on USB drive usage, upcoming fixes/enhancements, and using it on multiple PCs (it can’t, btw, unless you do some magic.  I’ll teach you the spell, as it were).

Man, I gotta go sleep.