otak – Personal Information Manager

Welcome to otakpim.com, home of otak, one of the easiest-to-use (and free!) Personal Information Manager (PIM).

What is otak

otak is the complete (for me) Personal Information Manager. Yes, it’s freeware. And yes, it’s another one of those software with irritating lower-case names.

otak combines calendar-based journaling with tree-nodes based notes called Thoughts. It also provides an Address Book, a multi-list task manager (called Task Master), an Internet Bookmarks Manager to consolidate all your bookmarks, and a Password Manager to store all those pesky passwords we are all forced to remember.

It may be easier to checkout the screenshots to see what I mean.

You can read a little more about otak’s features (and hear me ramble a little more about how otak came to be) here.



Oh wait, maybe it’s not freeware, but emailware. What that basically means is you have to send me an email (donny(at)otakpim.com) if you find otak useful, or if it’s not so useful, but you’re using it anyway.

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Since otak is free, you may want to get straight into the action, in which case you can download otak here.

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Most importantly, though, is if you like (or dislike) otak, remember to send me an email!